15 Pieces of Personal Info Facebook Knows About All Its Users


15 Pieces of Personal Info Facebook Knows About All Its Users.  Facebook is a place where people share all information related to their lives. So it’s no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media know a few things about you.
The ProRepublica page investigates Facebook and the user’s personal data. They made a tool installed in the Chrome browser to see what personal information is known by the world’s largest social media.

15 Pieces of Personal Info Facebook Knows About All Its Users

From the results of the investigation, ProRepublica noted that there were 15 things Facebook could know about its users, namely:

-Everything you like, like photos, videos, notes, friends, relatives, and comments. All are analyzed based on what you like and share.

-All messages that you send to others.

– All messages, status (wall) and comments. Even though it has been deleted for a long time, everything is still stored on their server.

– All the posts that you have written but have not yet been published. That sounds impossible, but Facebook remembers all that.

– All photos and videos that you post and share. Even photos of friend posts where you tagged in them.

– Facebook also knows exactly when you make friends and unfriend someone. Not only that, Facebook also knows when you actively communicate with them.

– All things are done on Instagram and WhatsApp.

– All the events that you attend. All the places, cities and countries you visit.

15 Pieces of Personal Info Facebook Knows About All Its Users

– All devices that you use to log in to your Facebook account.

– All sites that register or sign up with a Facebook account.

– Your level of education and salary.

– All pages you visit from the Facebook news feed.

– All sites that have Shared on Facebook or Like buttons.

– Your credit card.

– Your political outlook.

– The most impressive thing is Facebook knows your face. When someone tags you in a photo, Facebook will store the data to increase the accuracy of the user’s identity.

After knowing the above points you must feel insecure and may want to close the account. But keep in mind even though deleting an account does not mean that your personal data will be deleted from the database server on Facebook. In fact, it will be forever.

If reading this causes you to need to finish off your accounts on social media, you must understand that even taking this step won’t mean that your personal information is wiped from their databases. In fact, it’ll keep there forever. however, the purpose is, you don’t ought to leave the building wherever all of humanity lives. you only ought to savvy to behave additional fastidiously, Thank you for reading this article.


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