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10 Types of Wrong Perceptions in SEO Frequently Considered True

10 Types of Wrong Perceptions in SEO Frequently Considered True

I’m going to tell you on this article, There are many things related to the world of blogging and SEO, ranging from strategies, techniques, to experiments used each blogger. SEO becomes part of the blogging world that has an important role. Therefore many bloggers who have their own assumptions about SEO, there are even various kinds of the wrong perception in SEO that is often considered right by us because it follows someone’s opinion.
So between blogger one with the other bloggers of the science they provide can not be the same because their base in mastering it is also different. For that reason, sometimes it will lead to the wrong perception, either the other person making the perception is not true, or from the person itself.

One of them in terms of SEO, many wrong perceptions in so that develops from generation to generation so that it is considered true. For example, as I will discuss in this opportunity.

The wrong perception in SEO

10 Types of Wrong Perceptions in SEO Frequently Considered True
Here I want to give a discussion about the kinds of wrong perceptions in SEO that we may often think is true. With this, we should be able to minimize the things that are not important to do and more maximize the various perceptions that are considered true.

Various things related to the wrong perception in SEO is of course often obtained by someone from various blogging forums or groups in social media at a pun from blogs. Sure, sometimes because we just assume all the information is true, we just trust it and then share that information with others and will cause people to know. The more people talk about it, the information will surely become more widespread whether it is right or wrong.

Or it could be that the information we get is just a “propaganda” only and not entirely true. Therefore, here I want to explain to you all about the wrong perception in so that may be useful for you. Please see.

1. SEO is difficult and uncertain

This is a false perception in SEO that is often thought of by a blogger, especially a novice blogger. Actually, SEO is a science that is not difficult and also certain. Because of the basics of SEO, it also relies on the name of the Google algorithm. So we do the optimization by referring there. But the name of Google algorithm is always moving continuously, so the thing that needs to be done is we continually update the knowledge, and experience by experimenting.

So that causes you to fail in SEO is not because of its own difficulty, it could be because you lack the knowledge, lack of experience, or wrong in applying it. SEO is also no limit of reasonableness with things that have been determined. So it will not be realized if we want to position our new blog to compete with blogs that have been famous and old.

Therefore, you need to understand first about the science of SEO. So will not judge that so science is difficult and uncertain. Learn how Google algorithms work. Because from there you can get various things that may be that you previously thought impossible.

2. Advertising on AdWords will boost your position in search engines

Google itself once said that advertising on AdWords will not affect the position in the search engine, except for the position labeled the ad itself. So Google can not be bribed to display the web that often advertises to be able to appear in the top position of search engines. Because we know if it happens, then the owners of capital will surely master the entire page of search engines, well as a small person can what.

So the presumption of advertising on AdWords will boost the position in the search engine was not true at all. That is the wrong perception in so that often still exist in people’s minds.

Ads on Google AdWords has a primary goal to bring in a lot of visitors. Well if the advertised web becomes famous, liked many people and many are looking for it, it can just get a good position in search engines. So by advertising in AdWords can not always make the web appear first-page Google. Remember that.

3. SEO does not need capital

We can not assume that so does not need the science of capital. Indeed we can easily learn from the internet, yes it is a complete ok, you are actually no need special SEO again. But that does not mean that so practice does not need capital.

Sometimes we need to spend a little money to optimize our web. Or even the various efforts and practices that are done it is also capital. So it’s not just capital and money, but knowledge capital and experiments are more important.

4. The old web does not need to be optimized

You need to know, SEO is a dynamic follow-up, meaning that from time to time must be maintained and done, not once made to just be left behind and expect the position to remain at number 1. That’s impossible, SEO is something that must be managed Any time if you want the position not in capture by another web.

You know SEO services are not it? Seo services that exist using the service monthly or yearly, so in that time will continue to be optimized in order to be ranked first. Because if not, increasing competition will surely shift the web to a page that is out of reach.

The Web that is old and already has a good ranking in the SERP should also be kept in order to always follow the development of so. Because without continuous optimization will also make the web more unfriendly to the search engines, long ranking down.

If you have a blog, try to optimize every day, the easiest is to continuously update the post. The more quality content stored in Google’s database, then it will make the web more friendly to the search engines.

Likewise with online stores, if more content from products stored in Google’s database, then it will make the online store that increasingly can win the competition. But this certainly does not guarantee success if the rival is so heavy.

For static web because of not producing content, then you can do is by linking various kinds of internal and external links are useful. In addition content, video and images also need to be reproduced. Static web like web services does need off spot so that dominates rather than off page.

5. The important thing to write a lot, do not need keyword research

This is the wrong perception in blogging that I often hear. Sure hell with writing this often will make Google understand our web and more familiar with our web. But writing a lot without keyword research it will only spend a lot of time except for web media news. Because keyword research also plays the most important role that needs to be done if men singing the web appear first-page Google.

I myself once had a blog with the number of articles as many as 1000 articles. But it turns out one more blog with the number of articles as much as 200 just make money 3 to 8 times more because many articles are hanging out on page one Google. So keyword research before writing it becomes the key of a blogger who should not be forgotten. The important wrong perception in this kind of so does not keep ya !.

So it’s better to write an article with enough amount for example between 2 to 5 articles per day with keyword research is steady than writing up to 10 articles without doing research first. Unless you have a blog that does not require search engines like story blogs, experiences and the like.

6. CMS WordPress is more SEO friendly

CMS affect SEO, is that true? This is the wrong perception in so that often people think are right. We know, that all developers of cms certainly develop the platform for SEO friendly, whether it wp, blog spot, Joomla, or local platform like from blog Erik. So by using WordPress, it does not guarantee the web can appear at page search engine just like that.

You need to know, WordPress CMS is an open source CMS that has so many developers. So with a variety of plugins and themes that match, then you will make your website more SEO friendly. But keep in mind CMS WordPress itself can not do anything about so, it’s all from the webmaster or blogger do to optimize the web or blog it.

7. A lot of backlinks in a short time will worsen the web

This is also a misperception in blogging, backlinks that come in a short time it is not always bad for so. Google is not that easy to judge that all backlinks that come in a short time it is spam. Because it could be the article in question is viral and many bloggers who write it can directly get a backlink in a short time is not it?

In practice, people who use some sort of backlink services do exist that way. Backlinks in large quantities directly attended at one time can indeed make the blog fall. Provided that it is caught from spam and comes from sites that do not have similar language and relevant topics.

The existence of disavowing tools provided by Google means that Google still needs someone to report backlink spam. So Google itself can not distinguish well about backlink spam or not.

8. Backlink already does not affect the rankings

I often read from other blogs that backlinks have not influenced the rankings in search engines. But believe me, this is the wrong perception in so. Backlinks are still the things that have an important role in the factor of web embellishment. Because if you do not rely on backlinks, precisely the results compiled by search engines also will not be relevant.

9. Backlinks from adult sites, gambling and the like aggravate SEO

Indeed, Google very very hates against spam. However, Google also can not fully understand which backlink spam is not, where web spam is not. The most reference to the relevance of the content as well as the available languages. Google itself already has a list of bad site sites that are collected manually, because if using a robot would not be able to select it.

So not all backlinks coming from adult and gambling sites will aggravate your SEO ranking. Because my own blog ever gets up to nearly hundreds of thousands of evil backlinks. That is from adult sites, gambling games, forums such as online dating and so forth but the proof is okay. Maybe someone wants to spoil my site with spam to the site, but it actually makes the blog is still intact until now and more friendly SEO.

This is certainly because Google has not smelled the web, if indeed it is definitely the blog also fell. So backlinks from adult sites are also bad and do not let our blog or the web get it from there. But indeed if that happens, then it will not worsen our SERP position. Moreover, now the penguin 4.0 algorithm that runs in real-time and only on 1 page only. So if the page is hit, other pages do not affect.

10. Social media is very influential on SERP

You need to know, that social media does have an important role for the progress of a web. But with a share in social media will not affect search results for the web. So much less social media is either FB ads or using spam, just like Google AdWords that I have discussed in point 2 above.

11. Duplicate content (text, video, images) affect SEO

If you copy from a large site and publish it on your own blog without changing it, it will have a direct impact on the article, which will be difficult to index and get a good position.

On the contrary, if we have unique content, then copied by large sites, then we ourselves will be kicked by search engines. Such is the work of Google robot. They have not been able to distinguish which original content is genuinely first published with plagiarism content. Even if a large site is proven plagiarized and reported by the blog owner, sometimes it will not be processed.

12. DA, PA, Alexa rank, and so make the web search engine friendly

Again this is the wrong perception in SEO. I myself often find blogs with PA DA and also various ranks that are small but can perch on their own. While that has a rating like that pretty big, even under it.

So essentially Google has its own ranking system that is not revealed to anyone. They always keep their secrets to protect anyone to manipulate everything. Because if Google relies on such rank and it can be manipulated easily, then the search results will be messed up later.

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No less important in the wrong perception in SEO is like a long article can surely beat the competitors in the main page is also not true. Other examples such as keyword density should be less than 2%, SEO page is more important than SEO off page. Or the use of meta tags with the right keywords and so forth is also not all true.

Such is the discussion about wrong perception in SEO. If anyone does not agree with my opinion that has been analyzed this let’s talk about in the comment field. Because the science of SEO is really valid itself is owned by Google officials in charge of this. I just give what I know. Thanks also for visiting, see you in the next article.

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