10 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your AdSense CPC


10 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your AdSense CPC

If you are a Blogger and will make Adsense your main source of income, then you can not ignore the importance of Adsense optimization. When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things to be discussed how to increase CPC AdSense, and our main target is to get high CPM and get more dollars from clicks earned.

Even though your AdSense CTR is good does not mean the dollar flowing to your coffers will be good too. This is something that is common in non-English blogs. If your blog is included in the category of AdSense advertisers who get massive traffic but the Adsense productivity of your blog is still low, then it’s time for you to understand the points I will cover in this post, and this will definitely help to improve your AdSense CPC and Your overall income.

10 Ways to improve your AdSense CPC

Let’s start by answering the basic questions first and then we’ll move on to some tips to do so in order to increase your AdSense CPC.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPC (Cost per click), that is you will be paid on every click on the ads you post on your Blog. Perhaps you noticed that Adsense publishers talk a lot about CTR and pay less attention to CPC / CPC.

If you are really serious about how much income you will earn from Adsense then your attention should focus more on CPC / CPC rather than CTR. Getting thousands of ad impressions on your blog will not help much but a blog with a good CPC will make a big difference.

CPC / CPC has nothing to do with your blog traffic, but if you’re aware of and viewing micro-niche blogs, you’ll realize that even though this type of blog does not have a high cross-site but micro-niche blogs give you more money than Adsense.

The reason is simple, ie the eCPM for the blog is so high that you get paid a high fee also for your CPC, and then there are other factors like ad competition, Keywords and more.

1. Niche

How to improve your first AdSense CPC to do is to choose the right niche for your blog or website that you will create. CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising depends on the topic you write in your blog.

All right, I will share information about any Niche that has high click value. Here is a list of niche that can provide high click value:

  • Domain – Internet Domain Blog Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc has the highest CPC value.
  • Gadgets – Gadgets like Apple products
  • Google – Google Products
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • Banking
  • Car
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Home loans
  • Work
  • Hangout & Romantic – is the niche with the lowest CPC.

    2. Answer your blog visitors’ questions

What this means is that your blog should answer the question that the reader is looking for. So before writing a blog, try to find what readers are searching for on the Internet and then you have to present a solution to them through your writing.

10 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your AdSense CPC

Increase AdSense CPC
This is how you can increase your most used AdSense CPC to increase your AdSense revenue

Remember you should always be directly involved with your readers. Your content should always be tailored to the niche that you shoot so that more blog visitors can read your articles because blog visitors feel getting the solution and feel comfortable with your blog.

Good content will get you a high CPC Adsense rate. In addition, good content is also preferred by search engines. High clicks will automatically affect your earnings as well.

Create targeted ads with high traffic from countries like USA, UK by setting your blog for those countries. When you do keyword research, be sure to use the Estimated CPC column.

3. Select an ad

In Google Adsense, you will find settings that permit the setting of ads. You can open your Adsense account and see how many individual categories of advertising are in your pay.

This setting displays different categories of ads that will be displayed on your website. If you find that certain ad categories pay you for a small fee then feel free to block those categories of ads.

4. Block irrelevant ads

You can also block categories of ads that are completely irrelevant to the content or niche of your blog. Suppose the contents of your blog to discuss Technology but the ads that appear is dating ads, Politics, Religion etc. This definitely connects with what is being sought by visitors to your Blog.

5. Create responsive ads

How to improve your AdSense CPC next is to let your Blog show on different platforms such as desktops, laptops, phones and more. Although CPCs are generally not much affected by the platform on which ads are shown, you should do your best to target as many readers as possible.

Create responsive ads that can be adapted by mobile devices because ads are shown on high-quality mobile phones. Responsive ads allow the ads you install to appear perfectly on a wide variety of devices.

6. Country

One important factor to improve CPC / CPC is blog targeting in certain countries such as America and the UK, which will automatically impact click prices. Clicks coming from the United States can be worth $ 2 to $ 3 and the same ad click from Indonesia is only 2000 to 3000 Rupiah even lower.

Therefore, creating a blog with English will greatly affect the value of clicks on your blog, even if you have to compete with bloggers around the world who also use English.

Nevertheless, if you can create a blog with a certain niche and do SEO optimization of your blog, then your Blog will be able to compete with other English Blog even though you are in Indonesia.

Many Bloggers outside of the United States who use English are able to compete with Blogs created in America and get lots of visitors from those countries.

7. Ad Formats

Create a text ad format, because text ads have a higher CTR (click through rate). You can also try text & image ad formats at the same time as it will provide a higher CPC. Image ads are generally less preferred for two reasons, which are less CTR and lower CPC.

While depending on niche and blog types, image ads have a better view and have a higher CTR but CPCs are not as good as text ads. Anyways, as I mentioned above it differs from niche type and ad placement is most important.

8. Ad placement

Never ignore the placement of ads on your web pages because the ad placement is directly proportional to the Adsense revenue you will earn. So where should I place my ads for maximum CPC?

The answer is simple, that is put 2 ads in your blog post and 1 ad outside the post. You can place an ad with size 336 × 280 at the top just below the post title and place a 468 × 60 ad in the middle of the post and put the rest on your Blog sidebar.

9. Heatmap

Heatmap is one of the best visualization tools for solid data points, allowing your blog visitors to get complete information from your Blog. Whatever your underlying reasons to become a Blogger, either as a professional Blogger who makes Blogging activity as a source of income, or you become a Blogger just as a hobby or use blogging activities as a means to pour your thoughts into being read by many people.

10 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your AdSense CPC

Increase AdSense CPC
You still need to optimize the ads you post. Do not waste advertising that has been installed to be ineffective and does not give an optimal contribution. Your first target should be to provide quality content that provides value to the benefit of visitors and do not make the ads you install disturb the attention of visitors from the articles read by them.

Keep in mind the maximum click and high CPC / CPC comes from 2 ads that are in the blog post especially at the top of posts under the title.

10. Continue to Experiment

The last of the 10 ways to improve your AdSense CPC is that you can experiment with a variety of ways as long as it does not violate the TOS set by AdSense. You can try to put an ad under the post title, in the middle or bottom of the post.

You can also create link ads that you can place in positions you deem strategic to bring in clicks. Or you can also create ads with different color variations that match the color of your blog.

After you experiment you should pay attention to the ad performance of some of your experiments and choose experimental results that generate high clicks and CPCs to preserve and remove unproductive ads.


So 10 ways to increase AdSense CPC in my version. Whatever the job if based on the knowledge then the probability of success will be higher, therefore do not be bored to always get new information in all things including in this AdSense issue.

I hope these tips will benefit you, Whatever the underlying reason to become a Blogger do seriously, maybe you are not so interested in the AdSense advertising program but I am sure that you are not people who are not interested in money and do not need it.

Which is the most successful get the abundant lucky? You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below. Thanks for reading this article.


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